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Welcome to the AFRIDU 2024 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ONLINR SHOPPING MART. This page is our ONLINE SHOPPING MART that is specially designed  for all our highly esteemed Guests and participants at the forthcoming INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN HONOR OF THE  AFRICAN DESCENDANTS IN THE DIASPORA,  whom we are  WELCOMING BACK HOME  to give Nigeria its first position in the world global economy. 

This page is open to ADVERT PLACEMENT from all AFIDUITES who has  what it takes to give quality services to our guests in the original and unadulterated African-Nigeria way that will undoubtably showcases our ingenuity, in Love, Hospitality personified, Honesty, Innovation, Creativity, Art and Craft, Fashion % Design, Quality African and Nigeria fabrics, Good cooking/Delicacies, etc.  to mention but a few.  

call : +234-802-659-5080

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