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    Having inspected and certifiy over 25 BEST HOTELS  for our guest coming in late September  to early October, 2024)  - i.e.  28th Sept.  to October 7th, 2024 , we are happy to inform you that Guests  can now  begin to make their  EARLY BIRD ROOM RESERVATIONS without delay . AFRIDU HOTEL/ROMM RESERVATION is a FULL PACKAGE that covers both room reservation per Guest and other attached AFRIDU WELFARE packages  as  an ALL-IN-ONE BUNDLE.  You can be rest assured that the best choice had been made for you without compromise.  IT IS ON FIRST COME, FIRST RESERVE BASIS.
    ALL FOR JUST $75/DAY . For reasons best known to us we have decided not to make public our list of chosen or specific hotels that is or will be booked for the guest.  Any guest that shows interest in using our recommended booking loptions (recommended) and thereafter wishes to have a review of their booked hotels will be given the privilelge to do so on request only and at the approval or instance of the AFRIDU President and or the guest's country of residence DIPLOMATIC ADMINISTRATOR  


      25 TOP CLASS ABUJA HOTELS inspected, approved and RESERVED for all our esteemed guests. These hotels are strategically located in the City center to enable our guests fully enjoy the ambience of Abuja , the Nigera Federal Capital territory where glamour blends perfectly with high hospitality.  These Hotel choices were carefully  chosen for guest maximum comfort, luxury, proximity to conference venue and  good discount rate per night

       It is however important to mention that all our guests have the right  to ask or demand for  EXTRA SERVICES outiside that covered by their  Reservation cost of $75 /night/Guest. as AFRIDU FULL PACKAGE. 

      In addition to the already available Afridu provided services,  the undermentioned  extra services can be made available to our guest/ visitors only on request. These includes but not limited to :

      1. Laundry and dry-cleaning services,
      2. Transportation to and from the airport,
      3. Dedicated Car shuttle/rental chuffer services and
      4.  24-hour in-room service.​​​ etc​​​​ . 

      click here to have a glimpse of what  the hotel choices made for you has in stock.


      1. On confirmation of your booking and request for reservation and receipt of payments guests shall be sent an email containing details of their registration and or reservations  (please ensure that you have a functional or valid email addresses)
      2. On arrival , our guest shall be pickedup from the airport and checked in to their respective  HOTEL ROOMS by our staffs.
      3. Should a Guest have any reason to reject a room on or before  arrival in Nigeria, an Immediate alternative shall be arranged by our welfare/protoccol staffs, almost immediately. Please you are advised to give  room for a 24hr time lap to AFRIDU staffs effect the appropriate change esecially for late night arrivals
      4. Guest are to contact the AFRIDU correspondence office or Secretariat for all necessary advice or other assitatnce.
      5. Guest who have wears and or products to display or exhibit during the conference, are stronlgy advised to visit the exhibition option on our web page at (  to make their space reservations and or Exhibition bookings.
      6. Any Guest who wishes to cancel his or her  room reservation MUST do so at least FOUR (4)  weeks to the date of expected arrival,  being 28th of September, 2024. However, it is important to also note that, they shall be charged a  25% non refundable fee from their reservation fee  of ($75) on receipt of their cancellation order. This is NOT negotiable.
      7. AFRIDU shall not be responsibke for any act of fraud and  missinformation suffered by our highly esteemed guests in the hands of any unauthorised source or fraudstar . For further clearance and other help, please kindly reach out or contact   Dr. Breakforth or VIVIAN on any of the following telephone numbers  +234 803 349 4643 

      ALL our guests who delight in using  the option  of allowing AFRIDU to make early room reservations for them , are exected to make payments directly to AFRIDU-NIGERIA which  shall be provided at the point of checkout on this website. Please guests are adivised to make their reservations and paymnets in advance of the programme NOT  later than FOUR (4) weeks to their expected date of arrival been 28th September, 2024.  Any guest planning to stay beyond the reservation day should please contact us in this regard. visit here to know  more


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