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Hotels in Partnership with Afridu, 2024...

We make the choice, you enjoy the benefits

AFRIDU-NIGERIA  has decided as -part of her unreserved commitment to ensure the safety and optimum comfort of her highly esteemed Local and International guests, in the forthcoming AFRIDU NIGERIA 2024, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE  IN HONOR OF AFRICAN DESDENDANTS IN DIASPORA  & THE 12 APOSTLE POSTMORTEM AWARD ,  to enter into a water-tight accommodation and logistic arrangement with over 24 Top class HOTELS in Abuja, to remove the stress and bottlenecks associated with  booking / Reservation activities .This arrangement is an all-in-one package spanning Room Reservation, Airport pickup, Car shuttle to and from conference venue, Protocol /Welfare / Security arrangements, Daily Breakfast,  City Tour etc.  at the  least possible cost that we believe will NOT punch holes on our guests  budget. or pocket.  

AFRIDU 2024 Accommodation committee to this end has  gone ahead to inspect and SEAL  arrangements with over 24 TOP class Hotels  in the Abuja, Federal Capital Territory so our guest can enjoy an all round 30-40% non-negotiable discount in the best rooms in all the hotels where our guest are expected to lodge . To benefit from this and other addendums, please kindly follow he instructions below to make your reservation to grab our early bird promo packs currently on.

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Dr. Breakforth

We have taken responsiblity for your maximum comfort 

Make an early reservation to enjoy luxury with the least possible cost   bargained on your behalf for just $75 per night

what our reservation covers
(Our offer of $75/room last till May 31st, 2024 and and may thereafter be subject to change)


I want an early BIRD reservation of
$75/ room,
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offer of $75/room last till May 31st, 2024

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