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AFRICAN DIASPORA UNION (AFRIDU) is a Pan African International Diplomatic Organization that coordinate and represents African people and the descendants of African people ( those great grandparents over 500 years were taken to slavery from African) to achieving redemption and restoration; and upon which was established under the Diaspora/Assembly/AU/Decl (1) 2012, and the UN resolution 68/237 of 23 December 2013, by which it proclaimed the International Decade for People of African Descent (A/RES/69/16).


The African Diaspora Union – AFRIDU, was further domesticated as a Pan African Institution in almost

all African Countries and extended to Countries where African Descendants are to includes; USA, Canada, Northern American and Carribean Countries, Also domesticated in South Africa under the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa with registration number 2018 / 439046 / 08 and specialized administrative divisions under it as part of the organization, such as the African Diaspora Humanitarian Services with registration number 2023/653529/08 which unites and integrates African Diasporas without borders. African Diaspora Union therefore incorporates into a larger unit the diverse units of plans and dreams of different African peoples and form alliance with different countries and regions of African or Black peoples to actualize their dream of return to Africa, to invest in Africa or identified in Africa through cultural integration through an all- inclusive vision. Hence our focal points are on: 1.Those African Diasporas who w i s h t o r e t u r n t o t h e i r motherland Africa and become part of Africa and participate in every endeavor as Africans with full rights of African citizenship. 2.Those African Diasporas who believe in investing in Africa and become part of the African businesses and economy. 3.Those who wish to identify themselves with the African culture and inheritance through their genealogy with intention of participation in all African affairs, but not having the intention of returning back to Africa their motherland.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria National Diaspora Policy 2021 definition of Diaspora includes; “Nigerians who live and work abroad and maintain links with the country and show clear interest in contributing to the socio-economic, political, technological and industrial development of Nigeria”. There is need to leverage on the Diaspora not just for remittance and bonds, but for their unwavering support to join hands in Nation building, hence the Nigerians in the Diaspora must be allowed to exercise their fundamental rights to vote in their places of domicile, were African Diaspora Union – Afridu Nigeria intends to partner with Nigeria Diaspora Commission (NAICOM).

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